February 21, 2016

Our back yard is still getting mobbed by American Goldfinches.  Sometimes up to ten pack each of the three feeders, with more below on the ground.  Here’s one waiting patiently to join the fray:


American Goldfinch

Yesterday morning a Black-and-White Warbler showed up again at the bubbler.  And a Yellow-rumped Warbler showed up at the suet feeder.  The Hermit Thrush has been been back just before sunset the last two days to bathe.  This morning the Baltimore Oriole discovered the peanut feeder, which is in a slightly quieter location than the suet feeder.

This afternoon was lovely and warm, and Gram was game to go sit by the lake.  We saw a Great Egret:


Great Egret

Yellow-rumped Warblers were everywhere at Westminster Woods.  Here’s one:


Yellow-rumped Warbler

As we were heading back to Gram’s apartment, we came across a woman named Pat who was cleaning out a nesting box near the lake’s edge.  She said that last year two families of Bluebirds made their nest there.