April 10, 2016

Have sunflower chips, have American Goldfinches.  About a half dozen are still showing up in our back yard.


American Goldfinch

To Westminster Woods in the early afternoon to see Gram.  Though the temperature was in the low 70s, the wind was blowing, and Gram did not want to stay outdoors long.  However, we did see some wildlife.


Anhinga, Turtles, and Alligator at Westminster Woods


Eastern Bluebirds

Stopped by Nathan Krestul Park on my way home.  An Osprey perched high in a tree.  Ten juvenile White Ibis looked for crabs on the mud flats.  A Little Blue Heron (juvenile) and a Tricolored Heron were out in the water.  Red-winged Blackbirds called incessantly.   Saw a couple of Commons Grackles feeding in the field, along with a Palm Warbler and a Brown-headed Cowbird.  And after hearing (but not seeing) the Belted Kingfisher laugh at me for days, I finally snapped his picture.


Belted Kingfisher



Palm Warbler