April 20, 2016

Another beautiful day for a spin by the lake with Gram at Westminster Woods.  We saw the Anhinga drying its wings on a log in the lake.  We heard an Osprey call every few minutes from the platform nest, but the best look we got was this:


Uncooperative Osprey

Later we spotted the Anhinga swimming in open water, and then hoist itself up into a tree that grows in the lake.  That brought much protest from a Green Heron, who flew out from the shoreline.  Here’s the Green Heron keeping close watch on the Anhinga:


Green Heron

And here’s the Anhinga, just trying to dry itself:



I showed Gram pictures from Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge.  A funny thing, her Peterson’s listed the Northern Harrier as a Marsh Hawk.  Reminds me of the time I tried to look up Wood Stork in that guide, and instead was referred to a Wood Ibis.

At home, there are still American Goldfinch stragglers:


American Goldfinch

This evening I spotted a Northern Parula taking a couple of quick baths in the bubbler.  Also watched a female Northern Cardinal beating a male down from a branch–she kicked his head, as though she were going to land on him.