March 29, 2017

First sighting of the season of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in our back yard.  I’d been waiting since last weekend, when I put up a nectar feeder outside the breakfast nook window.  Tonight while my better half I were enjoying dinner, two male Ruby-throated showed up and continually dueled for the nectar.  At first they dive-bombed each other, including one spectacular ambush from behind.   I put out fresh nectar for them, and they continued their antics.  Twice one of them hit the window. One time when one was at the feeder, the other hovered above the first, and then attacked.  They tangled, and fell to the deck, then flew off.

As I type this, cat has settled in on the perch inside the window, and she chatters every time a Ruby-throated shows up for a drink.  The Ruby-throated seem to have formed a truce, for each shows up and drinks undisturbed.

Earlier this afternoon at Westminster Woods while Gram and I were making our way around the lake, I saw an Osprey fly in from Julington Creek with a fish and land on the tall pine tree between the Dogwood and Elm buildings:

Osprey with fish

Immediately an Osprey in the platform nest out in the water–an Osprey who wasn’t visible–began calling . . . and calling.  The one in the pine tree kept eating the fish.  We went out on the platform deck and I got my camera ready.  The one in the pine tree kept eating.  The one in the nest kept calling.  I waited and waited.  I watched three Green Herons show up and snapped this shot of one on the log:

I listened to a Northern Parula call in a nearby tree.  Finally I put my camera away, whereupon Gram and I had an excellent view of the Osprey in the pine tree flying up to the platform nest with the fish.  Less than a minute later, it flew out of the nest with half the fish!  It went back to the pine tree and continued eating.

On the way home, I spotted two Bald Eagles soaring above San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin.  And as I fetched the mail, I heard a Barred Owl calling down the street.  Quite a bird day without even trying.