April 24, 2016

This Gray Catbird was finding bits of peanuts left behind on the vine by the woodpeckers:

Gray Catbird

And this Mourning Dove had me puzzled at first.  And then I realized it had dropped most of its tail feathers!

Mourning Dove

A few minutes after I photographed the Gray Catbird on the vine, a Downy Woodpecker showed up on the vine with a peanut.  It placed the peanut in a crevice in the vines, and, with blows by its beak, it broke apart the peanut.

Downy Woodpecker

Tonight I saw my first migratory bird of the season in my back yard:  a Black-throated Blue Warbler taking a bath in the bubbler, not long before sunset.  A little later, it came back:

Black-throated Blue Warbler

I hardly knew which way to look.  At the time the Black-throated Blue Warbler came back, I was amazed to spot three Gray Catbirds at once in the back yard:  one on the safflower feeder, one on the mixed-nut feeder, and one waiting for the mixed-nut feeder.  In the past, I’ve seen Black-throated Blue Warblers at the mixed-nut feeder, so maybe this one will stay a few days for the hospitality.