December 6, 2014

Back to Hanna Park this morning to ride our mountain bikes and take pictures of birds.  For biking, I remembered my heart rate monitor, shoes, socks, riding glasses, gloves, and a hat to hide helmet hair afterwards.  But no jersey?  Hmm, doable in a T-shirt.  No riding shorts?!  Maybe possible for one South Loop lap.  No helmet?!?  Dealbreaker.  So no mountain biking for me.  While my better half went riding, I strolled around the lake with my camera.  Saw dozens of Turkey Vultures, one Black Vulture, two Brown Pelicans, a dozen Double-crested Cormorants, dozens of Yellow-Rumped Warblers, several Anhingas, several American Coots, two Common Gallinules, one Palm Warbler, one Common Yellowthroat, one Wood Stork, one Red-bellied Woodpecker, two Great Egrets, one White Ibis, one Osprey, one Red-Shouldered Hawk, and one Great Blue Heron. Best shots turned out to be a pair of vultures.


Black Vulture


Turkey Vulture