December 10, 2014

This afternoon at Nathan Krestul Park I spotted an Osprey enjoying a meal.   Also saw an extremely skittish Northern Flicker who bailed from the top of a very tall tree in the middle of the creek the instant it saw me–way down below in a flooded field–sloshing toward the water’s edge.  It was very high tide, the highest yet I’d seen the creek.  A couple of weeks ago, after cleaning my tennis shoes for the umpteenth time,  I invested in a pair of duck shoes, which I keep in the van.  These days when I arrive at Nathan Krestul Park on the way home, the routine is to exchange my work shoes for the duck shoes, loop the camera around my neck, lock the van, and stuff the keys in a pocket.  I’ve also learned not to chance sandals for inevitably on any dry patches of the field, an ant or two will bite my feet.

And as I was typing just now (I’m now at the kitchen table), a hermit thrush took a bath in the bubbler.  Sunset is in just a few minutes, so no picture.