January 3, 2015

This morning in the back yard a Ruby-crowned Kinglet was flitting around in the oleander at warp speed, completely foiling any chance to get a decent photograph of it.

Then back to Hanna Park with a new set of hand-built wheels (thank you, Chris!):  Velocity “Blunt” rims and DT Swiss 350 hubs.  The trails were in excellent shape.  My better half and I rode the South Loop, Z Trail, and E Trail non-stop, and then I bailed out to see what birds were around.  The usual suspects were lurking about, including the Brown Pelican below, which was eventually chased off by a Double-crested Cormorant.


Brown Pelican

At the dock I met Michael, a photographer and bird enthusiast.  We talked about what we’d seen at Hanna and elsewhere.  After a bit, a Brown Pelican alighted on a pole in front of the dock.  And as before, eventually a Double-crested Cormorant unseated it.

Back home this afternoon, a Hermit Thrush did its patented seven-second bath in the bubbler, thwarting any opportunity to photograph it.  Twice.  Then for good measure, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet did its usual flitting business in the oleander.  Until I set up my camera on a tripod inside a blind in my back yard and wait for a few hours, this might be as good as it gets:


Ruby-crowned Kinglet