February 16, 2015

At home this Presidents’ Day.  Below are three shots, none of which will win any prizes, but all of which had me excited for different reasons.

Spotted the first American Goldfinch of the season in my back yard.  I hope better pictures are to come!


American Goldfinch

Here’s another feeder shot, unfortunately, but it’s the first time I’ve caught the ruby crown in a photograph.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Also in the late afternoon this bird showed up and had me scrambling for my camera. It’s a Nashville Warbler, an uncommon bird to see here in northeastern Florida.  It neither breeds nor migrates through Florida.


Nashville Warbler

And just now–it’s about 6:00 p.m.–I watched the Ruby-crowned Kinglet hover twice over the bubbler, trying to get a drink!

Arrgh!  And now the Hermit Thrush is in the bath, even lingering in the bath, and it’s too dark to get a shot!!