July 13, 2020

This morning on our early morning walk in the Bear Creek Greenbelt with the dog, we saw a beaver busy at work on the dam by the pedestrian bridge.  Across the Bear Creek Trail, we inspected other evidence of the beaver’s, or beavers’, recent handiwork:

Beaver work

Upstream a muskrat swam by with a snack:


In the pond north of Bear Creek we saw two American Bullfrogs, bellowing away.  They are not native to Colorado, and in places like Boulder local authorities are trying to reduce their numbers, partly due to the threat they pose to threatened wildlife such as Preble’s meadow jumping mouse and northern leopard frog.

American Bullfrog

Above the pond we saw a Belted Kingfisher, being exasperating as usual by not allowing any approach.  I walked down to the pond by Stone House and saw several other Belted Kingfishers.  I did not see any of the Hooded Merganser ducklings, though swallows were numerous.

Barn Swallow

On the way back home, I spotted this American rubyspot damselfly along the creek:

American rubyspot damselfly

Birds in our back yard this afternoon:

Black-capped Chickadee

House Wren