April 11, 2015

A male Northern Parula showed up for a bath late this afternoon.


Northern Parula

A few minutes later another male Northern Parula–with not so much red and black on its breast–appeared and performed his own ablutions.  Then he flew up into the oleander, and began to make a series of buzzy trills.  He flew up higher into the trees, and the trills grew fainter as he worked his way toward my neighbor’s woods.

The Nashville Warbler showed up a few minutes after that and flitted around in the oleander.

Earlier I caught sight–for about two seconds–of an unknown bird at the bubbler.  My impression:  reminiscent of a Carolina Wren, but not the right coloring, and dark stripes on its head.  I suspect it might have been a Worm-eating Warbler.

Haven’t seen the Hermit Thrush in a few days, so perhaps it’s already taken off on migration.