April 17, 2015

It was an overcast, cool day. In the late afternoon, after work, I was sitting at the kitchen table writing a letter when something yellow in the trees caught my eye.  The picture below, uncropped and unedited, gives an idea of what I saw.  Though not very sharp, it’s clear enough for identification:  a Cape May Warbler, a first in my back yard!


Cape May Warbler

A short time later a Black-throated Blue Warbler showed up, the first time this spring:


Black-throated Blue Warbler


And then shortly after that, a Black-and-white Warbler came to the bubbler.

About an hour and a half before sunset, my better half and I sat out on the deck to wait for the magical five minutes when birds tend to converge on the bubbler.  We didn’t see any of the spring visitors I’d seen earlier, but we did watch two different male Northern Parula take extremely cautious baths in the bubbler.