May 12, 2015

Recently juvenile Downy Woodpeckers–both a male and a female–have been drinking from the bubbler. It’s an odd sight since I haven’t seen any other woodpeckers patronize the bubbler.  Below is a shot of the female:


Downy Woodpecker (female)

A few minutes later, this little female Downy flew into one of our windows and knocked herself silly.  (Most of the windows along our deck have sun shades hanging in front of them, which has reduced bird strikes.  She hit a small window by the breakfast nook without a sun shade–the window with a hummingbird feeder hanging in front of it.)

I put her on a towel, in the shade.  After a few minutes, when I went to check on her, she surprised me by perching on my finger.  She had no problem clinging or staying upright, but she kept craning her neck around, a full 180 degrees.  It was such an odd sensation having her cling to my finger–it was as though she were sticking to me rather than grasping me with her feet.  I returned her to the towel.  A little while later, I offered her water by dipping my finger in water and transferring a drop to her beak.  She accepted and swallowed several drops.  Then she half flew, half hopped off the deck and climbed into the oleander by the bubbler.  Best of luck, little one.