October 1, 2015

Stopped by Nathan Krestul Park after work.  The water was as high as I’ve ever seen it, and the field was flooded.  Unlike a week ago, there were no standing puddles; rather, each footstep on the grass would bring you ankle-deep into the water.  When I arrived, there were three dozen or so White Ibis high in the trees, including these two sharing a tree with an Osprey:


Osprey with White Ibis

Eastern Bluebirds were sitting quietly in the trees near the parking lot, including this scruffy one getting its adult plumage:


Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Bluebird

After a short while, a Red-shouldered Hawk showed up, and wheeled over the water, calling loudly.  All the White Ibis took flight and resettled in trees on the other side of water.  A lone Little Blue Heron stood atop a tree on an island in the middle of the water.


Little Blue Heron