October 8, 2015

Stopped by Nathan Krestul Park on my way home from work.  A yard crew was trimming the grass:  one guy tore around on a loud riding mower, and two others worked gas-powered hand-held trimmers.  The field is so wet and soggy that they left about a quarter of it uncut, the quarter closest to the water.  There a dozen White Ibis were in a feeding frenzy, not bothered by the yard crew, nor by my approach within ten feet.  Today’s delicacy:  fiddler crabs.


Juvenile White Ibis with Crab


Juvenile and Adult White Ibis

A juvenile Blue Heron hunted in the water, and back far in the swamp a female Belted Kingfisher hunted from the tops of low trees, maybe ten feet high.

Back at home I saw a Gray Catbird take two energetic baths in the bubbler.  Also saw an American Redstart in the oleander, a flash of yellow spread on tail feathers and then an empty branch.