October 24, 2015

This afternoon a female American Redstart appeared several times in the oleander by the bubbler.  Like that light on the French coast, each time it gleamed and was gone.  Much too quick to get a decent picture:


American Redstart (female)

And then late this afternoon a Black-throated Green Warbler appeared!


Black-throated Green Warbler (female)

Here she is peering at the bubbler below:


Black-throated Green Warbler

The bubbler–more than any feeder–attracts interest from the animals and birds that visit the back yard.  Yesterday was typical:  in mid-afternoon a Gray Catbird took a couple of baths,  at twilight a Northern Cardinal stopped by for a drink, and all day long at least two squirrels visited the bubbler repeatedly for sips of water.  One of the squirrels, the eponymously named Bent Ear, always takes a long, graceful jump back onto the oleander.  The other, unnamed and no distinguishing marks, takes a short, straightforward hop back onto the oleander.  They both drink with one front paw standing in the water, the other three paws on the lip of the bubbler.

Until this spring I had never seen any woodpeckers drink from the bubbler, but this year two juvenile Downy Woodpeckers, a male and a female, routinely came to the bubbler to drink.