Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 29, 2015

To Westminster Woods to see Gram.  The only bird we saw this hot, sunny afternoon was this  Great Blue Heron, who stood on a log in the middle of the lake, its mouth draped open much of the time.


Great Blue Heron

July 25, 2015

To Hanna Park this morning to ride the trails with spouse and Chris.  But before riding, shooting:


Green Heron




White Ibis


Juvenile Tricolored Heron and Juvenile Little Blue Heron


Juvenile Tricolored Heron

July 1, 2015

At Westminster Woods to see Gram when we spotted this Great Egret:


Ardea Alba Sine Pedum Sinistrum


Or, as my Spouse Gleefully Exclaimed, “Lefty!”

Earlier today when I was strolling downtown during a break from work, I spotted a juvenile Northern Mockingbird begging in a tree, its gape flanges visible.  By and by, a parent appeared to deliver a skinny worm.  I watched the parent hunt:  its M.O. was to perch  on a sign above a patch of grass outside the CSX Building and presently fly down to liberate a worm from the turf.

On the drive from work to Gram’s, I saw a Red-headed Woodpecker fly across the road and alight on a tree.  Then I spotted an anole clinging to the trunk of the car in front of me.  ELO’s “Hold On Tight” was playing on the radio.  And finally a Swallow-tailed Kite flying overhead, at the intersection of Old St. Augustine Road and San Jose Boulevard.