Monthly Archives: January 2018

January 22, 2018

Colorful birds have been in our back yard all day:  Red-bellied Woodpecker, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Eastern Bluebirds . . . and this Orange-crowned Warbler:

Orange-crowned Warbler

January 21, 2018

To Westminster Woods to see Gram.  Five Wood Storks were sitting by the edge of the lake just outside Gram’s building.

Wood Storks

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

Meanwhile, on the far side of the lake, several Ring-billed Gulls were in a frenzy, jostling in the air and at the lake’s surface to pluck something out of the water.  Passers-by told us that there was a fish die-off during the cold snap this past weekend.  Here’s an Anhinga about to enter the water:


January 14, 2018

To Westminster Woods to see Gram.  Lots of bird life at the lake:  Canada Geese, Mallards, Hooded Mergansers, Wood Ducks, Double-crested Cormorants, Great Egrets, and–in the singleton category–a Muscovy Duck (first time I’ve ever seen one out there), a Wood Stork, and a Great Blue Heron (hides in the brush at the southeast end of the lake).

Hooded Merganser (male)

January 7, 2018

To Westminster Woods today to see Gram.  It was too cool and windy for Gram to go outside, but I went out by the lake.

White Ibis


Mallards (male)

Mallards (male)


What the male Mallards were vying for:


January 6, 2018

This afternoon a large mixed flock of Eastern Bluebirds, Yellow-rumped Warblers, House Finches, and Pine Warblers moved through our neighborhood.

In the meantime, this Eastern Phoebe was patrolling the ground near my neighbor’s grapefruit tree and East Palatka Holly:

Eastern Phoebe

And in the woods behind our house I caught sight of Ruby-crowned Kinglet:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

But not everything up in a tree is a bird: