November 5, 2022

This morning I ambled around the Bear Creek Greenbelt–west of Estes–for a couple of hours.  I searched Bear Creek for American Dippers but found none.  Some sights:

Northern Flicker looking for a meal

Northern Flicker

Song Sparrow

Dark-eyed Junco

I spotted a Hairy Woodpecker again–now the third time I’ve seen one in the greenbelt (the second time was a week ago).  All three times I’ve seen one it’s been high in the canopy, higher than Downy Woodpeckers.   So that makes me wonder whether they’ve been in the greenbelt all along (and I’ve just missed seeing them), or whether, maybe, this year they’re establishing territory in the greenbelt.

Hairy Woodpecker (compare its bill to that of a Downy Woodpecker)

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Mourning Dove