June 25, 2020

On our early morning walk with the dog in the Bear Creek Greenbelt, my better half and I watched this beaver enjoy a meal in Bear Creek:


Another dragonfly I’d never seen before:

Variegated Meadowhawk

This afternoon after work there was a brief thunderstorm and then the sun came back out.  It looked so nice that my better half and I took another stroll in the Bear Green Greenbelt with the dog, this time to the east.  We found the Hooded Merganser family in the pond next to Stone House.

Mama Hooded Merganser (far right) with four of her five ducklings

The fifth Hooded Merganser duckling with part of a crawfish

Mama Hooded Merganser and duckling

Black-crowned Night Heron

Barn Swallow

Juvenile Barn Swallows