July 5, 2020

This morning I walked over to the Red-tailed Hawk nest on Yale.  One of the juveniles was in the tree; its parents and siblings were nowhere to be seen.

Red-tailed Hawk juvenile

Nearby I saw four Killdeer, including this one:


At the pond by Stone House, juvenile Barn Swallows were begging for a meal:

Juvenile Barn Swallows

A Mallard in eclipse:

Male Mallard

Just as the other day, I saw four of the Hooded Merganser ducklings.  A fellow birder and I walked down Bear Creek to Wadsworth and back, but we didn’t see mama Hoodie or the fifth duckling.  Here’s one of the four ducklings sleeping in:

Hooded Merganser duckling

While the fellow birder and I were looking for the other Hooded Mergansers, we spotted this Swainson’s Hawk:

Swainson’s Hawk taking off

Sweet Pea in bloom along the trail


West of Estes, I got a better look at a Widow Skimmer beside Bear Creek:

Widow Skimmer