December 29, 2020

An inch of snow fell overnight, and early this morning the world was blanketed with snow and moonlight.  The full moon shone in the northwest sky.  The temperature was in the upper 20s, no wind.  On our walk we saw coyote tracks from our neighborhood down into the Bear Creek Greenbelt.  We saw more coyote tracks in the woods, where a pair of coyotes had trotted alongside each other.  At the pond that never freezes a few dozen Canada geese were huddled for protection.  East of there, we began to see beaver slide/drag marks in the snow.  We followed the beaver’s trail to the edge of Bear Creek, and then we saw the beaver itself!  It had slid in just upstream of a beaver dam.  It began swimming upstream and then it walked up a rocky waterfall area toward the bridge.  We followed it as it swam beneath the bridge, climbed up over the big beaver dam, and swam into the beaver pool.

After work we took the dog for another walk in the greenbelt.  We got the feeling of deja vu . . .

Great blue heron

Swamp sparrow

Swamp sparrow

Nearby an American robin was eating berries:

American robin