January 3, 2021

By midmorning it became apparent that this is red-tailed hawk day.  Right around dawn  we saw one flying east just after we stepped out the back door to go walk in the Bear Creek Greenbelt.  A couple of minutes later, we spotted another one sitting at the top of the tallest tree in our neighborhood.  Down in the greenbelt, two red-tailed hawks–probably our resident pair–were on their usual perch atop the loudspeaker:

Red-tailed hawks

As we came back into our neighborhood, a red-tailed hawk flew out of our next door neighbor’s tree with prey.  As we walked closer, we saw tufts of rabbit fur blowing along the sidewalk  Magpies descended on the tree branch where the hawk had been and finished off what was left of the rabbit.

A little later in the morning, we could see a red-tailed hawk from our back deck:

Red-tailed hawk

Here’s one of the half dozen song sparrows we saw on our walk in the greenbelt.  In the early morning, they like to feed on a dirt path near a marshy area that’s just east of the pond that never freezes.

Song sparrow

At midway we rode our bikes to Bear Creek Lake Park.  At the entrance to Fox Hollow, we saw a red-tailed hawk high in a tree overlooking a frozen pond on the golf course.  And while we were climbing Mt. Carbon we saw a red-tailed hawk perched on a utility pole overlooking the Homestead golf course.

In mid-afternoon, as we were returning from the grocer’s, we saw another red-tailed hawk perched in a tree in the neighborhood, looking out toward the greenbelt.