April 28, 2021

At the noon hour I took a walk in the Bear Creek Greenbelt.  Bear Creek was still running high, for the third day in a row.  About a week ago my better half and I watched someone–a Lakewood employee, perhaps–open up the gate on a ditch that leads off Bear Creek (just east of the footbridge between Estes and Old Kipling).  The ditch began running higher than we’d eve seen it.  Then two days ago, Bear Creek began running high, as though someone had opened up the dam at Bear Creek Lake Park.   We’d never seen the current moving so fast.  We weren’t alone in wondering whether Mallard nests on low-lying areas near the edge of the creek were getting flooded.

After work I took another walk in the greenbelt, and Bear Creek, though still high, was no longer running fast.  Maybe the spigot at the dam has been tightened.

Then I turned and headed east and explored a little of the greenbelt east of Estes.  The Great Horned Owl was “sleeping” sentry:

Great Horned Owl

I got word that the nest is indeed nearby and that there are three owlets, none of which can be readily seen.

Just across the creek I got my first look this year at a Swainson’s Hawk in the greenbelt:

Swainson’s Hawk

Back on the west side of Estes I caught sight of this Belted Kingfisher:

Belted Kingfisher

Also–yesterday I saw the first-of-year Broad-tailed Hummingbird at the nectar feeder on our back deck.