June 18, 2021

Today, on an unexpected day off because of the new Juneteenth holiday, very early in the morning I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park in hopes of finding one of the White-tailed Ptarmigans that have reported over the past week.

I spent three hours–from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m.–at Medicine Bow Curve, but did not see one.  I did, however, see a few other birds, including these:

White-crowned Sparrow

American Pipit

I also saw three yellow-bellied marmots.  

Yellow-bellied marmot

Yellow-bellied marmot

Yellow-bellied marmots

A bit up the road I saw a pika:


Not far from the Bowen-Baker area, I saw a bull moose, but it was lying down beneath trees and well-camouflaged.