January 2, 2022

This morning on our walk with the dog in the Bear Creek Greenbelt I spotted a coyote, briefly, before it ran behind tall grass.  I ran parallel on the other side of the tall grass.  The coyote stopped at the top of a rise to look back at me, and then it was gone.


Just as yesterday, I found a Song Sparrow gleaning insects from a tree along Bear Creek.

Song Sparrow

Later in the morning a friend and I drove out to Rocky Mountain Arsenal.  Bison were grazing:



We saw a number of birds of prey, including an American Kestrel, several Red-tailed Hawks, several Bald Eagles, and a couple of Ferruginous Hawks.

Ferruginous Hawk (light morph juvenile)

Ferruginous Hawk (dark morph adult) perched . . .

. . . Ferruginous Hawk taking off

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle with prey

We saw dozens of Horned Larks and half a dozen Western Meadowlarks, including this one with a crossed bill:

Western Meadowlark

Here’s one without a crossed bill:

Western Meadowlark

The refuge was full of White-tailed Deer.  In fact, we saw only a couple of Mule Deers.  Here are two White-tails sparring:

White-tailed Deer