January 11, 2022

On a lunch walk in the Bear Creek Greenbelt I saw dozens of Mallards in Bear Creek, as well the Wood Duck, with his favorite Mallard, sitting on the north bank.

Wood Duck and Mallard

The Wood Duck chases off any Mallard drake who comes too close to his favorite Mallard.

Wood Duck chasing Mallard drake

Meanwhile, a female Common Goldeneye was diving for food near the footbridge between Estes and Kipling St.

Common Goldeneye

After work when my better half and I went back into the greenbelt, the Wood Duck and his favorite Mallard were holding court at the pond that never freezes.

Wood Duck and Mallard

Shortly before sunset, I joined a friend at the park bench beaver dam.  A lone male Hooded Merganser was diving for a meal in the beaver pond.  A muskrat swam from bank to bank, then settled on the north bank.   Eventually, a beaver hauled itself out of the water and gnawed on a tree.