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February 17, 2019

A huge flock of American Robins has descended on our neighborhood. Half a dozen at a time take a bath in the bubbler in our back yard. Here’s a singleton:

American Robin

American Goldfinches still abound in numbers.

American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinches and the Pine Siskins (a rarity in our back yard) vie for the same food source, whether it’s sunflower kernals or tasty treats up in the trees:

American Goldfinch
Pine Siskin
Pine Siskin

January 23, 2019

Downy Woodpecker in our back yard this morning:

Downy Woodpecker (male)

More views of a Downy Woodpecker:

Downy Woodpecker (male)
Downy Woodpecker (male)

Two views of a Tufted Titmouse:

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse, high in a tree

January 10, 2018

This morning I spent about fifteen minutes watching a Ruby-crowned Kinglet frenetically glean insects from a tree deep in shade in the woods behind our house. Unsuccessful at photographing it, I took two quick breaks to take pictures of these more obliging birds:

Carolina Wren
Downy Woodpecker (male)

January 8, 2019

On my jog early this morning, I spotted a Barred Owl perched on a power line. An hour or so later, here were the early birds at the edge of our back yard:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Yellow-rumped Warbler

And, most satisfying of these three, the Orange-crowned Warbler, in my neighbor’s loquat tree :

Orange-crowned Warbler

Later in the morning, a Baltimore Oriole partook of the loquat tree:

Baltimore Oriole

Toward noon, there was a lot more bird activity.

Downy Woodpecker (female)
Northern Cardinal (female)
Tufted Titmouse (on the Evergeen Wisteria vine on our pergola)
Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)
Carolina Chickadee
Yellow-throated Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
House Finch (male)
Palm Warbler (in my neighbor’s loquat tree)
Chipping Sparrow (in my neighbor’s grapefruit tree)
Red-bellied Woodpecker (female, her head craned around)

Ad despite its name, this bird isn’t so common in our back yard. Happily.

Common Grackle

January 7, 2019

A Yellow-throated Warbler showed up at the suet feeder this morning–it’s so hard to get a shot of it away from the feeder! House Finches were at the sunflower chip feeder. Red-bellied Woodpeckers were after the peanuts and the cylinder nut feeder. Here’s a shot of the female:

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Also this morning another woodpecker showed up, an uncommon visitor to the woods behind our house:

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

A Brown Thrasher made an appearance:

Brown Thrasher

And so did a Yellow-rumped Warbler:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Around noon, the bird activity increased. Here’s a female Northern Cardinal:

Northern Cardinal (“Here’s looking good at you, kid” . . . with apologies to Peter Sellers)

I spotted the Wilson’s Warbler again, but could not train my lens on it. I took this picture as a consolation prize:

Black-and-white Warbler

Finally, I’ll note that my day began and ended by spotting birds I could not photograph. This morning while I was doing dishes, I spotted an Orange-crowned Warbler on my neighbor’s loquat tree. And this evening, at dusk, a Hermit Thrush showed up at the bubbler for a bath.

January 5, 2019

While keeping my eyes peeled for the Wilson’s Warbler, I had fun watching a pair of Carolina Chickadees. Here’s one:

Carolina Chickadee

Daily shot of a Cedar Waxwing in the East Palatka Holly:

Cedar Waxwing